There is one interesting thing that you would have encountered when visiting Sao Paolo, Brazil. Here established a unique tea shop that mandatory you come toward. It is a unique store of local tea brand “the gourmet tea”. What is unique here? Stop in front of the shop you will find something unusual and you might be wondering where exactly the gourmet tea shop.

Of course there was confusion as it when the shop is not open, because you will have is a wall with colorful paint. However, your confusion is actually going to turn around in awe because of its uniqueness.

This unique tea shop is a wall that was turns into an attractive shop by Brazilian architect, Alan Chu. These colorful walls apparently are panels that can be pulled out so it appears to be a shop. This panel can be opened closed like a door easily. And there are many other elements such as shelves and counter. It works with a very easy and simple. The unique tea shop also features mysterious design as many secrets kept hidden. But it’s all a clever design and eye catching.

When you will visit this tea shop, one common thing you get out of here like other foreign or domestic tourist is souvenir in the form of local tea. And it does not just stop here. Your eyes will enjoy an interesting design of unique tea shop.
It is really a cool concept.

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