Reforming the narrow bedroom to be comfortable is actually easy and this depends on our own initiative. Convertible furniture can be selected to get around this. It is one of the furniture that very fitting for those of you who have a problem in decorating and arranging the narrow bedroom.

An Italian company has launched collection of very attractive convertible furniture. Mobilspazio features all-in-one furniture in a minimalist and modern design. This modern furniture design is very fitting for a small space and cramped, especially for the bedroom.

Convertible furniture includes three parts, sofa beds, bunk beds and pull-out beds that you can change customize to your needs and requirements. This transformable furniture is such a large wardrobe with 3 doors where there is a largest one of the three in the middle. In this middle door is hidden a bed with two legs.

While the other legs and headboard is right in front of the door. This headboard is essentially a multifunctional sofa. So that with it you can sit back and use it as part of your bed. There is also other design in the form of a wardrobe that only has one door.

The convertible furniture has three faces at once the bed, wardrobe and sofa this really helps you that nearly lose the idea to create a comfortable small bedroom. It is a space saving furniture that can be used according to the needs and desires. With it you can maximize your bedroom so that the function is not limited as a place to sleep only. And a desk for work and TV was not impossible to be in your bedroom without seeming crowded and cramped.

So, whatever the size of your bedroom, be smart in arrange to get it beautiful in the eyes. And convertible furniture is the solution.

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