Music is one of the inseparable part of human life. So no wonder if people carry MP3 player, iPod, smartphone or other gadget wherever they are no exception into the bathroom. Unfortunately, the room which identical with the water is not safe for your gadget. If it falls or wet from water, the music no longer make your stress go away but your money will be lost because of the cost of repairs or even to buy a new one.

Now, you need not worry anymore about it. Because, Kohler has launched a modern showerhead equipped with waterproof bluetooth speaker facility that allows you to bath with full music. This wireless speaker is very practical for those who do not want to take risk by bringing your gadget into the bathroom to satisfy your music listening hobby. the bluetooth speaker is located in the center of the showerhead. It is very practical and portable because you can use it anywhere, not only in the bathroom.

This modern showerhead is easily installed and removed thanks to magnets available on the inside. So, to set it up you just need to insert / little closer into the center of the shower. And to take it off, you just need a little tug. Speaker of this Kohler showerhead is able to survive up to 7 hours using Lithium batteries that can be recharged via a USB cable. That way, you can be satisfied and enjoy your favorite music and songs.

This cool and sophisticated bath device is very effective to relax your mind while you shower to cleanse the body from stick germs. Moxie can also become a very pleasant friend for you. It is also not just limited to accompany your bath, more than that it can accompany you primp and wherever you go. Modern showerhead is amazing.

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