A beautiful rooftop garden is one way of the people who live in big cities to remain always enjoy the green scenery that reconcile the spirit. Rooftop garden is a cool alternative that is perfect for areas that are very rarely found open land for the park because it was built by the luxury and modern skyscrapers and densely populated. This garden design makes easy for you to enjoy the natural green beauty at home with a stunning way and you certainly do not have trouble finding and buying land to make usual home garden.

As an inspiration for you, here is a beautiful rooftop garden located in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. It is a rooftop garden design that has amazing views that not everyone can have it. This beautiful garden is hidden over 25 floors located in the middle of skyscrapers that make you have plenty of time and opportunity to relax in your green space while enjoying the beautiful view of the city with all the buildings and other modern amenities. Its beautiful and amazing scenery certainly can not be found in a city park.

In the modern garden located in the country’s Kangaroos this, there are Buxus hedging and topiary cones that displays formal elements. There are also cool iris and lavender. Availability of lavender becomes an interesting element here. When you want to do a little party at night or just want to enjoy the evening breeze, you do not have to worry about being bitten by the mosquitoes. Because lavender myself will go them away.

So, what do you think about this beautiful rooftop garden? Amazing is not it? May it inspire you.

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