Wine is a fancy labeled drink that requires a special place for it storage. The place normally used for this is wooden wine rack in a special room like above ground or better known by wine rooms. Another place commonly used for storage of this alcoholic beverage is a refrigerator, ice box, or a special place that is set in a constant temperature.

Speaking of wine cellars, the following are some of the attractive wine cellar design that designed by Kessick. It is a U.S producer of wine storage that provides quality design, flexible, unique and certainly beyond what you expect. Kessick wine cellars offer a contemporary design made of quality wood that is known for its strength, Mahogany. The basic form of wooden wine rack is a rectangular box with a 1 ¼ ” thick wall on all 4 sides with wood or metal frame face. This makes it heavy, thick, square and appears modern. While the fully assembled wine storage system is constructed from hardwood core plywood (no engineered materials) and has mitered corners. The outside and inside of the box are lacquered in a satin black finish. Then the face frame is a wood accent of Mahogany and other exotic woods, brushed aluminum or black lacquer. It’s very nice with stainless steel look. While the interior of the box is pre-wired with dimming LED lights that create a cool visual experience.

That’s all about the great wine cellars from Kessick. You can put this wooden wine rack to your home, hotel, restaurant, bar, retail and more.

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