Angry birds theme park is a new game zones which will not only be a fun playing area for children but also for adults. Now, playground inspired by best-selling game from Rivio this build a real angry birds game in its home country, Finland. This is a form of love angry bird game on loyal fans spread across the earth in order to feel a real adventure in the game of birds and pigs. As if the fun of playing in the angry birds land?

Angry birds theme park is a play zone which has become one of the icons of Finland is part of Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere. It has a face-themed of this digital game that exactly booming. In this angry birds theme park, visitors will be treated with a wide range of adventure that is not less than 12 rides.

Wide range of food outlets are also available here. Hmm,,, it interesting is not it? Certainly you are the addicted of this cool game can not wait to come and feel the sensation of the enormity of playing in this angry birds theme park. Hurry to visit, have fun, play and meet with other millions of angry birds game fans.

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