Bodiam Castle is one of the many historic buildings in the continent of Europe, precisely in the UK. The building is made from natural rock seems to be an icon architecture of European nation. Why not? You will not see this building elsewhere. While there, it was not separated from the expansion that they do to other continents. The castle is a very strong building and architecturally stunning. That is evidenced by the many castles that are made in the Middle Ages which is still standing strong and sturdy.

Bodiam is already very old castle in Europe. It was founded in XIV century in the year 1385 located in Robertsbridge, Sussex. As the function of the general castle, Bodiam castle built as a defense to stop the French occupation with dig a trench around it. Now the square-shaped castle is still displaying its original form despite restored. And an authenticity that is still owned the bridge and the lake that surrounds it.

Today, the historical building that was built in medieval times this was not a knight or a nobleman’s house that should not be carelessly entered by the public. This castle may be entered by anyone and become education tourism for students or general.

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